Belts for Kids - Made Easy

Denver Cantu

When we started out, we were mainly focused on making belts for adults, and being able to offer sizing to fit everyone. I've always loved the classic style and ease of military style belts, growing up with a mom in the military, I always liked her navy belts with the...

Finally, Plus Size Belts That Fit

Denver Cantu

That "one size fits all" thing is for the birds. We are not all "one size" and we know how difficult it can be to find clothing, much less belts, in your size. That is why we made it our mission to produce belts that can fit everyone. Literally. Our...

Made in The USA - Small town business going global

Buildateam Collaborator

When we started this company, we were an at home, in the garage type of shop. We had dreams of building something bigger and better, but how was the big question. Emerging into the e-commerce platform was going to be a challenge, how could be control and oversee the inventory...