Belts for Kids - Made Easy

Denver Cantu

When we started out, we were mainly focused on making belts for adults, and being able to offer sizing to fit everyone. I've always loved the classic style and ease of military style belts, growing up with a mom in the military, I always liked her navy belts with the gold slider buckle.

belts for kidsSoon, we started getting asked by parents if we could make these in a size for kids. We quickly realized what a great product these type of belts are for kids. They are very easy to use, versatile, look "grown up" and not expensive! So, we immediately began expanding our collection to kids, and it took off!


 Some parents would tell us their kids no longer liked the elastic belts because they were too "baby" style and wanted a "grown up belt". Our belts fit this perfect, because they were originally designed for adults. The strap width is just enough to fit through their belt loops too. Easily adjustable, each belt can be cut down to size. We offer them in sizes to fit kids ages 4 - 16. If your child is a bit on the husky side, they can always order an adult small or in the adult section, in all of the same colors and finishes.

school uniform belts

Our belts fit all ages, and come in colors and styles for their unique personality. If they have a school uniform, we offer them in all of the colors to comply with dress codes.

kids belts

Our size chart shows the lengths and appropriate size by age or size. Each belt includes extra length to account for slack (to pass through the first belt loop) and for growing room. If the size you order is a bit long, you can easily trim it down.

Browse our Kids section, or use the Kids Belt Builder to create a custom style in a click!