Made in The USA - Small town business going global

Buildateam Collaborator

When we started this company, we were an at home, in the garage type of shop. We had dreams of building something bigger and better, but how was the big question. Emerging into the e-commerce platform was going to be a challenge, how could be control and oversee the inventory needed? Each time we would receive questionable quality, and didn't feel comfortable selling our customers an inferior product. We want to be proud of what we sell. After some research, we decided to start making these belts ourselves, by ordering only raw material from overseas, and cutting, assembling, and packing here in the states. Each step, we move closer to being completely self sufficient. 

made in the usa belts

Because we produce all of our belts in house, we have a production team dedicated to making everything. We've been able to create more jobs than if we were just ordering pre-made from China and simply shipping them out. We have full control over quality, and can offer a better product at near the same price as our competitors who order pre-made from China. Our goal is to completely 100% manufacture the fabric and buckles, and are working to invest this year into machinery to fully manufacture our product, here in the USA.

Eddie Saldana

We love what we do. All of us, our whole team. We are all proud to be contributing to our great country, and turning something that started so small, into something big! We believe in people over profit, and strive to provide American jobs with great pay and benefits, we are all in this together. 

manufacturing in the USA

So feel good in your choice to buy from Build A Belt, you're helping build small business in America, and all of us local producers need all the support we can get!