Adjustable Cut to Fit Men's Golf Belt Packs Brass Flip Top Buckle with Canvas Web Belt

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Plated brass flip top style buckle, 3.8 width, with canvas web belt comes with any color web belt in a variety of sizes. This buckle is 1.5" wide (extra wide military width), slider style, which are easy to use and won't slide out. All of the buckles are interchangeable, you can change the belt out and replace with any of our extra wide 1.5" web belts.

Our web belts are made from high quality, high tensile strength color fast woven webbing which won't fray and is very durable.
The canvas web belt can be easily resized to a smaller size, and can be removed from the buckle. The belt can be easily cut, and then the end burned. Belt comes with matching metal tip on one end. The belts and buckles are interchangeable and can be switched out easily!

  • Made in USA and Imported
  • Buckle closure
  • Extra wide 1.5 buckle and matching metal tip with wide 1.5 canvas webbing strap
  • High quality antique gold finish slider style clamp buckle
  • Durable military style belt and easy to use buckle stays in place
  • Buckle is interchangeable with any 1.5" belt webbing
  • Unisex